Michelle Paterson, Nutritional Therapist

BA (Hons), PGDip (Psych), PGDip (NT), mBANT, mCNHC



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Nutritional Therapy in Essex, Suffolk & Online (Based in Colchester)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. How is Nutritional Therapy different from seeing my GP?

A. Nutritional Therapy is not an alternative to seeing your GP. It is advised that you visit your GP in respect of any new health condition in order to obtain a diagnosis and possible treatment. Nutritional Therapy is a complementary discipline that can help support your health and assist you to manage long-term conditions, often alongside your GP (Please also see ‘what is Nutritional Therapy?’)

Q. I have absolutely no willpower and adore food! – will Nutritional Therapy work for me?

A. I also adore food ☺ The process is not about going hungry or needing to have willpower….it is about (gradually) changing the way you eat and providing you with the tools to make this as easy as possible. Part of this is about finding foods that you love, that will also help nourish your body and in some cases, developing a new relationship with food. Once you start to experience the benefits of eating differently, this will re-inforce a different relationship. Even for complete ‘sugar addicts’ there are useful suggestions to curb this physiological response, that are unrelated to willpower.

Q. What kinds of people access Nutritional Therapy services?

A. A wide range of people access Nutritional Therapy. Some people will require a one-off appointment to ensure that their diet is helping them stay fit and healthy or a few sessions to ensure that they are reaching peak performance. Others will seek Nutritional Therapy for a much longer period of time, to help support a chronic condition or difficult life phase. Sometimes people will seek a consultation for preventative purposes, for example, to undertake gene mapping where certain conditions run in their family.

I work with adults and have a special interest in using diet to balance hormones and improve mood. I am also interested in supporting people in recovery from addictions and/or poor mental health.

Q. Will you advise me to eat like a rabbit?

A. No, absolutely not. Nor will you be requested to eat sawdust! Green leafy veg certainly has lots of therapeutic properties, vitamins and minerals but the focus will be on developing a varied diet and additional support/interventions that will meet your health aims.

Q. Why is Nutritional Therapy expensive?

A. Whether or not you will find it expensive depends on your perspective. Your health is an extremely valuable asset to you (I would argue, the most valuable asset!). Unfortunately, sometimes people struggle to spend money on them-selves or lack self-care, perhaps spending every spare penny on their children. Sometimes people may ‘hide’ their stress, unhappiness or dissatisfaction with their life (often due to poor health) by spending excessively (e.g. on alcohol or clothes). I see investing in your health as investing in your life, your success and your happiness.

Due to the personalised approach of Nutritional Therapy, in addition to face-to-face time with me, there is always additional research time, often significant, that is factored into the package cost. Credit card payments are available if you wish to spread the cost over a longer time period.

Q. I have a disability – will I still be able to have a consultation?

A. Of course. Depending on your particular disability, I may be able to cater for your requirements within one of the clinics I work in. However, if you would find it easier to be seen in your home environment, please let me know.

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