Michelle Paterson, Nutritional Therapist

BA (Hons), PGDip (Psych), PGDip (NT), mBANT, mCNHC



07419 171943


Nutritional Therapy in Essex, Suffolk & Online (Based in Colchester)

‘As someone who doesn’t eat meat, and who was worried about ‘middle-aged spread’, I wanted to understand what I needed to eat to keep healthy, to control my weight and to support my eye health (I have started to develop macular degeneration).I have also found it difficult to eat well as I lead a very mobile lifestyle and am constantly travelling around the country for work and pleasure.

I found Michelle to be thorough in assessing my diet and thinking through what needed to change, careful to explain in a practical way what I could do to eat better (even when mobile), and conscientious in auditing my progress. I love using use the range of breakfast recipes that Michelle designed for me, breakfast now being perhaps my favourite meal. And she’s a lovely person too, with whom it’s been a pleasure to work.’

A.S. aged 52, Cambridge

‘I initially visited Michelle about my persistent low mood, lack of energy and my reports of “never feeling well” . I seemed permanently exhausted, and despite what I believed I was doing right for my body, it was very helpful to have Michelle’s input and advice about changes that would improve my health.
Having suffered a low mood for years, I was astounded to learn that certain foods that I had been eating daily may be reacting to the medication I was taking and might contribute to reversing the positive effects of the medication. I can honestly say that now I have eliminated these foods from my diet I feel so much better!
I am more conscious now of what I am preparing, using more colours in my diet makes the food I eat look more exciting and taste better. Michelle makes you feel very comfortable in talking about your health, and her suggestions have helped me to gain greater control over my health and mood.

I would 100% recommend seeing Michelle for nutritional advice and support. It was time so well spent.’

V.L. aged 45, Colchester

‘Michelle has provided me with a considerable amount of help. Over a series of a few sessions she has helped me understand about how what I eat and drink can affect my health and well-being. The sessions were all interesting and tailored to me so that I got the most benefit from each of them. Keeping a food diary was an interesting experience and it enabled Michelle to really understand the areas that would give me the biggest benefits. I can honestly say that as a result of her help it has changed what I eat, when I eat it and indeed how I eat it. Michelle clearly has a thorough knowledge and understanding of nutrition and was always able to answer my questions and explain the processes that were happening and why they were relevant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle for nutritional advice.’

B.G. aged 62, Ipswich

‘I wanted to send you these few lines to thank you for working with me on my nutrition programme. I have enjoyed learning and you are an extremely dedicated and patient teacher. I have managed to implement a number of the changes we discussed and I am already feeling less tired and fatigued. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.’

C.Y. aged 56, Colchester

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