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Health Coaching Foundation Programme

My health coaching programmes are specifically designed for those who know they need to make changes to support their health and wellbeing but are struggling to know where to start.

Equally, you may be great at getting started but perhaps struggle to maintain your new behaviours when ‘life’ gets in the way.

This is much more about supporting you in relation to behaviour change and mindset (rather than diving deep into nutritional therapy).

‘Nourish’ Programme

£300 (via Zoom)
£340 (In person)
‘Nourish’ - Health Coaching Foundation Programme

The aim of my Nourish programme is to support you to make some clear progress towards your goals, with a focus on helping you to ‘take action’ and keep moving forwards. Therefore, this is more about the ‘implementation’ rather than providing information and recommendations. I can provide some guidance around diet and lifestyle, if required, but this is not the main focus.

Your results may be variable depending on your starting point, implementation, and individual circumstances.

My Nourish programme includes 4 weeks of support as outlined below and reasonable email support between sessions:

  • Initial in-depth investigation of your circumstances in the form of a comprehensive assessment session (60 minutes) at the outset, including your symptoms, any diagnoses, your views about your current situation, and your aims/what you wish to achieve
  • A further 3 coaching sessions (45 mins), including a review session (session 4)
  • Brief write-up of key points to note after each session, including accountability actions
  • We may use health coaching tools (a maximum of one per session) depending on your circumstances and needs. These are mini exercises that we complete together, that can be very helpful in understanding what is important or getting unstuck. If you continue coaching beyond this foundation programme, there are a variety of tools that we may employ as we explore different aspects of your wellness journey.

I will develop a loose plan to guide each session, but this is always very flexible, as we will endeavour to work with whatever you wish to bring along. A little structure is needed to ensure that we are able to keep moving forwards.

Most people who access my health coaching programmes will continue beyond the initial month, but this is not expected nor necessary. If you are feeling empowered to continue your journey solo, that is a positive outcome.

For follow-on sessions, after the initial month, you can purchase a single health coaching session for £80 per session or 3 sessions for £210 (a saving of £30 on single session price). There prices are for sessions taking place on zoom. (In person appointments available)

Who are Health Coaching foundation programmes most suitable for?
  • People who would like to make some kind of improvement to their health but are struggling to make changes by themself
  • People who are looking to make change in relation to any health condition, where they have a reasonably clear idea what type of action is needed
  • People who have weight loss goals often find weekly coaching support particularly helpful
  • People who feel they would like to be more motivated or have a more helpful mindset in relation to changes they are wishing to achieve
  • People who feel overwhelmed by knowing where to start or where to focus their energies
  • People who generally take an ‘all or nothing’ approach to making changes
Who are Health Coaching foundation programmes not suitable for?
  • People who are looking for in-depth support or advice around diet and supplements (please check out my Nutritional Therapy programmes instead)
  • People who don’t wish to play an active role in their own journey (coaching is an active process)

If you are unsure of which programme or package to book, then please book in for a Wellness KICKSTART session to discuss further what you are looking for.

A note on the importance of a therapeutic relationship

Research has found that the therapeutic relationship is an important factor in getting results in any setting. This includes things like how well we get on, that you feel trust and comfort in sharing details of your journey with me, and that you play an active role in your programme.

In the same way, I will only agree to work with you if I believe that I can help and that we can work well together. If you are interested in working with me on a programme, it is important that we have an initial conversation to see if we are well suited and so that we can explore the best option for you.

See terms & conditions for full details of programmes and costs which will be provided on request, following our initial discussion. Any questions, please do get in touch.

What My Clients Say


“I was able to talk about my relationship with food and try different ways of eating. Over time I learnt about portion control and how to eat in a way to support my body and blood pressure. Most importantly I learnt to eat without any restriction and found myself bingeing less or not at all.
Michelle was very patient and offered lots a lot of insight to food and nutrition, I feel I’ve come away learning something new about food and my body.”

25, Colchester

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