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Do you yearn for the time when you just felt ‘normal’ on a daily basis?

The old you, that was confident, fun and full of energy. Are you fed up of waking up at 4am? Spending mornings feeling shattered and dragging yourself through your day with strong coffee.  Feeling like you are wading through treacle and just about meeting your basic obligations…but lacking joy in your life.

Perhaps you feel tearful or snappy, overwhelmed with anxiety or that your cotton wool brain just won’t function.  Maybe you are feeling bloated and sluggish – reacting to foods but unable to identify the trigger, leaving you scared to eat. Your expanding waistline means shopping for clothes no longer brings any comfort. You are trying to be healthy and eat more fruit but it just doesn’t feel the same as a snickers.


I get it. When your needs are at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list and you are busy looking after others – your own health & wellbeing can take a nose-dive.

I’m Michelle, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. I specialise in working with people who are feeling stressed, depressed or out of balance and help them to understand and heal the root causes……so they can get on with living the life they desire. People just like you.

Just in case you were in any doubt

What you eat affects how you feel! (and when and how you eat too!)

How you spend your time affects how you feel!

How you sleep (or not!) affects EVERYTHING!

Working with me can also affect how you feel.

Working With Me

I can help you to get back into balance and feel happier in your own skin. Together we’ll identify all the things that are getting in the way of you feeling your very best every day. We’ll dig down to establish the root causes to really understand fully what is going on for you.

Then we’ll create your bespoke total transition plan – a plan that will focus on finding solutions. We’ll cover all areas of nutrition and lifestyle that are influencing the symptoms you are experiencing. Most importantly, I will help you find the time and space to implement your plan, at your pace… to get your happy back. 

Take the first step and book your free Wellness Kickstart call now!


“Deep Dive” Programmes

These are entry-level programmes that are focused on specific common complaints that you may be struggling with, that have clear links with negatively impacting on your mood.

Total Transition Packages

My signature packages are designed to provide comprehensive analysis, recommendations and coaching support over a longer time-frame, to boost your implementation success and maximise outcomes. We will explore all factors related to your health and wellbeing in depth.

Clinical Testing

Testing can be a really useful tool to help identify more clearly which areas to focus on, alongside other sources of information from your case history and symptoms. I use a wide range of national and international laboratories that primarily work directly with practitioners. Many of these tests are not usually available in mainstream health settings.

Corporate Wellness Services

Would you like to have a happier, healthier workforce?

My corporate nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes can provide direct and tangible support in implementing your workplace wellbeing strategy.

I found Michelle to be very supportive and
encouraging and strategies were very much tailor-made to my needs.’

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Get your happy back!

Discover how upgrading your nutrition and lifestyle can help you to balance your hormones, boost your mood and feel happier in your own skin.  

Download my free ‘Healthy Happy Hormones’ guide and start your journey back to happy.

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Get your happy back!

Discover how upgrading your nutrition and lifestyle can help you to balance your hormones, boost your mood and feel happier in your own skin.

Download my free 'Healthy Happy Hormones' guide and start your journey back to happy.

Get instant access by submitting your name and email here. 

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