Total Transition Packages

My signature packages are designed to provide comprehensive analysis, recommendations and coaching support over a longer time-frame, to boost your implementation success and maximise outcomes. We will explore all factors related to your health and wellbeing in depth.

The aim of these packages is to enable you to make significant progress towards your goals. This may however, be variable depending on your starting point and individual results. 

Programmes and packages do not include the cost of biochemical testing or supplements except where indicated. If these are recommended, the cost will be discussed with you and their purchase is optional.

Each programme includes:

12 weeks of support consisting of fortnightly or weekly contact – to include Information gathering; development of your Total Transition Plan and end of programme review

Regular progress monitoring and adaptation of actions as required in response to new information

Use of coaching approach and techniques to assist you in implementation success by exploring barriers, enhancing motivation and providing accountability framework

Reasonable e-mail support between sessions

Investigation of in-depth case history, current situation, symptoms and medications

Evaluation of blood test results from your GP from a Functional Medicine perspective

Identification of suitable testing (if appropriate), and if required arranging testing and interpretation of the results

Review of your existing medication use and identification of any concerns relating to interaction (with other medications/nutrients or foods)

Review of your existing supplement use and recommendations for supplements (if relevant/appropriate)

Provision of relevant and practical handouts, shopping lists and recipes where required

Additional option of specific food plans, individualised to your requirements (at additional cost)

Packages Available

(Investment: Packages start at £650)

Choose from 2 options, depending on the level of support required:

Flourish Total Transition Package

Support provided as above over 12-week period with FORTNIGHTLY contact. 

Other than initial assessment appointment (which takes 1 – 1.5 hours), follow-up appointments are ordinarily 45 minutes.

You may also choose to add on individual food plans, tailored to your needs (at additional cost).


Bloom Total Transition Package

Support provided as above over 12-week period with WEEKLY contact.

This package will naturally include an enhanced level of coaching support compared to my ‘Flourish’ package.

Other than initial assessment appointment (which takes 1 – 1.5 hours), follow-up appointments are ordinarily 30-45 minutes.

You may also choose to add on individual food plans, tailored to your needs (at additional cost).


Your Total Transition Plan

Regardless of which package you choose, your Total Transition Plan will include a focus on the following areas (where relevant).

All recommendations are personalised to your intended outcomes, situation and preferences.
This is a judgement-free zone and we start from where you are.

Sounds Interesting? Check out the Get Your Happy Back’ System for more information or if you have further questions, book your free Wellness Kickstart Call now


We’ll explore the extent to which your current diet is supporting, triggering or keeping your symptoms going.

The ideal position, that we will work towards, is to enable what, how and when you eat (& drink) to positively support your body and mind.

This may include supplement recommendations.

Support and shrink STRESS

We’ll identify explicit and hidden sources of physiological and psychological stress in your life and the impact on your symptoms, currently and longer-term.

We’ll consider recommendations on managing and reducing stress using, for example, nutrition, herbs and lifestyle interventions.

Extend suitable MOVEMENT

We’ll examine the extent to which current movement (or lack of) is impacting positively or negatively on your symptoms and overall wellbeing.

We may include recommendations on the best ways to move more to support your intended outcomes.

Feel more JOY

We’ll explore current thoughts around Joy, what it means to you and how it can impact on your overall wellbeing. Through coaching we’ll look at how you can feel more joy in your life.

Enhance quality and quantity of SLEEP

Of great importance, we’ll look at what is going on currently with your sleep and unpick any negative patterns or concerns. Recommendations will be made to address any concerns and may include nutrition, supplements, herbs and lifestyle measures.

‘I would 100% recommend Michelle, her research and knowledge into my personal issues was a very beneficial aid for me to have a better understanding of how I needed to make some important life and dietary changes.
Have learnt so much about myself and my individual needs, information I never gained from my GP or other NHS services about PCOS’

N.G. aged 35, Colchester


Who are Total Transition Packages most suitable for?
  • People who want an enhanced level of support to help them to understand, manage and support their existing health conditions and/or symptoms
  • People who have a complex medical history, multiple diagnosed conditions and/or medications
  • People who need lots of additional support and coaching to implement recommendations (Bloom package offers the highest level of support)
  • People who want to ‘get their happy back!
Who are Total Transition Packages not suitable for?
  • People who are already working in depth with another therapist where recommendations may conflict
  • Those who are unable to commit the investment of time required

There may be other situations where working together will not be possible.

For example, anyone who has outstanding ‘red flag’ symptoms that have not been checked by a medical professional or anyone with a current eating disorder. Please contact me to discuss further.

If you are unsure of which programme or package to book, then please book in for a free Wellness Kickstart Call to discuss further what you are looking for

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