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These are the outline steps we will take in working together, to help you get back into
balance and feel happier in your own skin. Or you may wish to know more about my approach to working with you.

How It Works

Step 1. Initiation

The first step is to book a Wellness KICKSTART session at the best time for you.

You can choose a suitable slot from the online calendar. This session may be phone call, zoom or in person.


Step 2. Identification

During our discussion, together we will identify the best next step for you, based on your current circumstances.

This may include referring you to another practitioner or agreeing on a programme or package.

Step. 3. Information gathering and Investigation

If we choose to work together, you will need to complete some paperwork including a detailed questionnaire.

The first consultation is for investigation of your case history, current situation, symptoms and medications.

We may also explore whether further testing will be helpful.


Step. 4. Intention setting & Planning

The following consultation is to provide feedback from the investigation.

We will agree a plan of intentions and initial steps to focus on.

Step. 5. Implementation & Review

The remaining session(s) will focus on helping you to implement your agreed plan.

This may include progress updates, tweaking of your plan, feedback from test results (if relevant) and coaching sessions for example.

At the end of your sessions we will also review next steps. 

My approach to working with you

First-off, you might want to know a bit about how it would be if we choose to work together.

It’s very important to me that you get the results that you are looking for. Some of my clients have spent months or even years, having their symptoms brushed off, being told their test results are ‘normal’ or being branded a hypochondriac. Others have been put on the ‘happy pills’* and left to fend for themselves…

So, it may be useful for you to know that first and foremost, I am here to listen. I mean, really listen so that together we can piece together your journey so far, your current situation and get crystal clear about what you want to achieve. To do this, we also need time, lots of time. Initial assessment appointments are between 60-90 minutes so there’s no need to rush.

And why would I want to know about your ancient history? (and what if you can’t remember?) Because who we are today is a product of our past circumstances, nutrition and lifestyle. Your case history can also provide valuable clues and patterns as to your current symptoms and underlying causes. It is an important part of the investigative process.

Although my specialism is nutrition, I am trained to use a functional medicine approach which considers all aspects of health and lifestyle. This make total sense of course, because a multitude of things can contribute towards how you feel. My Total Transition packages focus specifically on Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, Movement and Joy.

To get the best results, it is crucial that our work is focused firmly on you, rather than the ‘average woman’ or ‘average’ man (whoever he or she may be! I’ve never met them). While of course there are similarities, we are all biochemically different and may respond very differently to medications, supplements and Nutrition plans. Naturally, we also have different challenges in our lives to cope with.

I sometimes use testing to find out more about what is happening in the body to enhance the personal approach and effectiveness. This may remove some of the ‘trial and error’ (testing different responses) which can be part of a programme, particularly if your symptoms are complex, long-standing and/or you have tried lots of previous remedies. I am committed to keep going and to support you until we find the right formula.

Because I am passionate about helping my clients get results, I choose to work in programmes and packages rather than one-off sessions. My view is that this is an essential part of properly guiding and supporting you to make the changes needed at a pace that suits you. Overwhelm is, unfortunately, a common cause of failure to implement.

Certainly, making changes isn’t always easy and can be influenced by other competing demands and pressures in our lives. This is a judgement-free zone and we start from where you are.

I seek to always support you by using coaching techniques and providing practical tools and resources to maximise your chances of success.


*This is not a judgement. Some people, at some points greatly benefit from anti-depressant medications and they can be a life-saver. However, they are often a ‘sticking plaster’ and don’t help to resolve the underlying issues.

‘Well during the last couple of weeks which were my “bad weeks” I think my mood has generally been much better than normal apart from a few days where something specific triggered me feeling quite low so that’s good. I made the lentil dahl recipe you sent me last night and it was very quick and easy and tasty, so I will definitely be making that again, thank you!’

RT, aged 28, Ipswich

My Services

“Deep Dive” Programmes

These are entry-level programmes that are focused on specific common complaints that you may be struggling with, that have clear links with negatively impacting on your mood.

Total Transition Packages

My signature packages are designed to provide comprehensive analysis, recommendations and coaching support over a longer time-frame, to boost your implementation success and maximise outcomes. We will explore all factors related to your health and wellbeing in depth.

Clinical Testing

Testing can be a really useful tool to help identify more clearly which areas to focus on, alongside other sources of information from your case history and symptoms. I use a wide range of national and international laboratories that primarily work directly with practitioners. Many of these tests are not usually available in mainstream health settings.

Corporate Wellness Services

Would you like to have a happier, healthier workforce?

My corporate nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes can provide direct and tangible support in implementing your workplace wellbeing strategy.

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